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" Nahls " is our registered trademark. not only allows consumers to purchase our exceptional line of anti-aging skin care cosmetics containing Nahlsgen, but also serves to educate consumers in matters related to anti-aging care and anti-aging care cosmetics. Please be sure to purchase nahls brand anti-aging care cosmetics such as nahls Pure, nahls Univer and nahls Neo at nahls com.

We provide nahls brand anti-aging care cosmetics that contain Nahlsgen.

Nahlsgen is an evidence-based anti-aging care cosmetic ingredient invented at Kyoto University.
Nahls anti-aging care series of products were developed under the concept of "healthy and beautiful bare skin" in order to bring out the original beauty that people have.
The anti-aging care cosmetic ingredients, including Nahlsgen, are based on dermatological studies, and were jointly developed by Kyoto University and Osaka City University. All nahls products were carefully developed to enhance the power of one's own skin and lead to a firm, glossy complexion: the original beauty of bare skin.

We are confident that nahls brand of anti-aging care cosmetics will eliminate time wasted by worrying about and searching for anti-aging products that simply are not effective. You will have more time to enjoy living your best life every day.

brand concept

We set up our business to assist all women with effective anti-aging care: so that they may gain self confidence and to support them to empower themselves to be their best every day in every way.

Nahls brand cosmetics, containing Nahlsgen, is but one tool to assist women. We therefore also aim to educate our consumer by providing a wide range of information on aging-care, anti-aging and health on our website.

We provide three core services as the basis of our business:

our business

These services are the core of our mission: Empower women to be their best selves every day.

  • Allow you to quickly find and order the appropriate nahls anti-aging product(s) that are best for you.
  • Provide you with accurate and relevant information about the anti-aging products and processes available to you.
  • Empower you face each day as your best self, without worry of visible skin issues related to everyday aging.

Commitment to pure and healthy ingredients


In order to provide the most value, we carefully select and combine ingredients that provide the best anti-aging care. Ingredients that your skin feels every day, effective and not irritating. Our signature ingredient, Nahlsgen, best represents this.
We also incorporate highly versatile ingredients such as glycerin, and we carefully select high-quality, highly refined binding ingredients that are commonly used in other pharmaceutical products. We are strongly aware of the recommended concentration for various blending concentrations, and adhere strictly to these guidelines to ensure an effective product that can be used for extended periods of time without unwanted side effects.


For example, the main ingredient, Nahlsgen, increases the amount of collagen in proportion to the increase of the blending concentration up to a certain level. However, above this concentration, collagen will not increase. This concentration is the recommended blending concentration, and we strictly adhere to it.
In all nahls lines, in addition to Nahlsgen, primary beauty ingredients, such as human ceramide, Neodermyl, APPS and proteoglycan, will also provide significant anti-aging care effects.
By focusing on effects, quality, safety, and concentration of ingredients, we support all women in being their best selves everyday.


Deep Impact Co.,Ltd.

Deep Impact Co.,ltd. is a company established by Mitsuaki Tomimoto from a large pharmaceutical company.
Deep Impact Co.,ltd. was founded in 2005 and has been involved in the development support of pharmaceuticals.
Since 2012, we have worked on cosmetic product development to make full use of the appeal of evidence-based anti-aging ingredient "Nahlsgen".
And in 2013 we t succeeded in developing he first anti-aging cosmetics nahls Pure
Today, we aim for anti-aging of people over 30 generations, we are developing Japanese cosmetics with high quality and reliable effect.Also provide information on anti-aging, beauty and skin care through our Media “Nahls aging-care Academy”.

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